Mrs. E and Mr. A And The Baby

First of all thank you so much. Sincere thanks to Doctor Aret and everybody who works there in your clinic. Thank you for the most delightful gift. You have been extremely supportive through this difficult time. Your support has made us stronger people and we will forever be grateful. Expressing everything from the start is not difficult for us but, we still do not believe it yet. It is really like a dream of two faces. In one side there is a long, beautiful story of our love and the other side the moment when we realised that having a baby couldn't be much easy.

All the doctors where we have been before explained to us the problems and the low chances we would have. They told us everything but, they were not as concern as Doctor ARET.

They showed us the ways which would be followed but, not the generosity of your clinic. They tried using different medication for about five years but, not your kindly. Now we know. You made it possible. You lighted up our life.
We left your clinic full of tears and the best impressive.
For all the time we stayed there you created familiar, friendly and kind relationship. After the all doubts we had you were always smiling to us, every day and that was what we needed. Thank you. Having a positive result is thanks of all the staff devotion and especially to Doctor Aret who will have our gratitude for all the life. You are the best. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. The clinic has very comfortable facilities like you are in the middle of friends. The fact we were foreigners was invisible in your eyes. The service was the same to everyone. We will never forget you. You are in our family and in every moments.
How can we ever thank you enough for all you've done?
Your attention to details puts you at the top. You've been very helpful. The greatest gift of life is friendship, and we have received it.
Thank you Romina.
Best regards to Doctor.
We look forward to our next meeting!
From Albania,

Mrs. E and Mr. A and the baby, too.

This is our story which I write down to help and encourage couples with infertility problems.
My husband and I are craving for a child since we got married in 2009. We started trying right after the wedding, but nothing was happening, years were passing by, we were getting more and more anxious till the day of our enlightenment – we needed professional help. We contacted a Bulgarian IVF clinic where we were convinced that our problem was not a big trouble… so we started a procedure in the summer of 2014 which was not successful although the doctor team and we truly believed all will end up with a baby…. No need to describe the huge disappointment. Some months passed and I encouraged myself for a second attempt at the same clinic in January 2015 which again was burdened with our expectations but again not successful. We were completely broken and lost our faith in our dream…

The hope in my heart, still alive, told me to find another way to reach our dream. I believed there was another way! I contacted the Istanbul Fertility and Women’s Health Center, settled an appointment and in less than a month we visited the clinic for the first time.

The first things that stroke my husband and me were the professional approach, the strict organization of the examinations, the patient care we were treated. Dr Kamar and Romina were incredibly kind and helpful. Everything was explained in an extremely elucidating manner, all questions were answered and shortly afterwards our decision was taken. Several months later we started our third procedure in Istanbul. During our first I was medically treated under the doctor’s examinations and blood tests, later the eggs were collected and the fertilization was carried out. Due to high hormone levels the embryo transfer happened on the next month which needed another several days’ stay in the lovely Istanbul – that was not a problem for us as Bulgaria is a neighbor country and travelling is not much trouble.

So, we would like to say huge THANK YOU to the whole team for the professional expertise we were treated. Respect for all you have done for us, Dr. Kamar and lovely Romina! She is always there for you – to help you, encourage you or just to say few kind words.

And last, do not have any doubt to turn to this clinic, hurry up instead and make your appointment :)

Mr. & Mrs. M from Bulgaria

Tüp Bebek Clinic in Istanbul was a new experience for us. We had several ICSI treatments in Germany. We didn’t feel well informed with our doctor, after third failed treatment they came with some new possibilities, another medication… We were very disappointed that they didn’t give us these information from the beginning. That was the reason why we started looking for a treatment abroad.

After a large internet research we decided to go to Istanbul.From the first contact via eMail we had a good feeling. Our contact person was Romina and she answered all questions in detail, in a very friendly and professional way. We never had to wait longer than 24h for an answer.

We decided to have a face-to-face meeting with the doctors. After that appointment we were sure, that we are in good hands and we made a rough plan when to start with evaluation. We had to do some medical tests before and our expectation on medical facilities, technology and service in Istanbul was exceeded. There are no words to describe how much more the personnel there is friendly and helpful than in Germany. Even though they don’t really speak very good English (except the doctors, of course!). Romina was always there and available 24/7 for us if we needed any help.

The organization was perfect! We got our medicine directly in the clinic and didn’t have to go to pharmacy. After examination at the doctor, the patient coordinator explained us in detail what was the result, what are the next steps. Also the embryologist explained us exactly how was the result and answered our questions (in Germany we didn’t meet the embryologist).

The doctors at the Tüp Bebek clinic try the best possible medication and treatment from the beginning on. And it worked at the end. We’re expecting a baby made in Istanbul J.

In summary we can say that the list why we would always choose this clinic would be very long, but here are some points:

- expertise of the doctors
- super-friendly and helpful service
- Hygiene conditions
- ROMINA :-)
We are thankful,
Mr. And Mrs. N

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