Our Clinic

Our Clinic

Istanbul Fertility (IVF) and Women’s Health Center is a dynamic facility specialized on IVF and infertility.

We started our journey as a united team with our motto “A gentle touch, a great happiness”. We offer our patients all kinds of service concerning the treatment of infertility with our expert staff, scientific and improved infrastructure and our work ethics.

The idea to establish Istanbul Fertility first emerged in 2004; the centre was founded in 2005 in Gümüşsuyu, Taksim and launched officially in February 2006. We designed our centre, where today’s modern treatments are conducted, in such a way to respond all of patient’s needs with our infrastructure, technical equipment and installations empowered with knowledge and experience of our staff. It is of utmost importance for us to adjust our services to the needs of our patients. Although our focus is on the treatment of couples that are unable to have a baby, we also offer solutions to other problems you may encounter concerning pregnancy and gynecological diseases.

Up to today many couples desiring to have a baby have chose our centre and became happy parents. We welcome everyone who has the same dream.

We wish you a happy healthy day.

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