Electronic Witness System

What is IVF ID witness system?

IVF ID is an electronic witnessing system which enables to match the IVF patients’ sperm and oocytes without any mistake at whole stages (andrology, Oocyte Pick Up, selecting, ICSI, Embryo transfer, freezing & thawing) by confirming the samples with RFID chips.

Patient’s electronic wristband which includes chip or ID card prepared with barcode label set personally. Prepared chips which are identified for patient and her husband, matching is checked in sperm sample room, in operating room and in embryology laboratory. Sperm and oocyte dishes are checked for matching by chips in embryology laboratory. In case of matching failures system alerts us visually and audible and it stops the operation and sends message to authorize automatically.

All operations are recorded with date, time and location. Patient checks her information on LCD screen and confirms before the embryo transfer. The system matches the embryos and patient before the transfer. Cryo processing is done by chipping –labeling of the non-transfer/remaining embryos. Thawing processes is made by chip readers by controlling the labeled samples. Human errors have been eliminated by IVF ID and it maximizes the patient safety.
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